Investment criteria

Investment strategy

Indes Capital invests mainly in control deals with equity or debt instruments, building business value over the long term through operational and strategic initiatives.

We invest in small and medium sized companies with revenues of up to 100 million euros in any sector other than the financial and real estate.

Indes Capital looks for companies with solid fundamentals that typically enjoy a sound market position in their industry, long-term competitive advantages, and significant barriers to entry. We look for companies with untapped potential that we can unlock.

Target companies

  • Succession challenges
  • Corporate spin-offs
  • Major challenges related to an extraordinary situation
  • Structural change
  • Strategic and operational challenges


Industry Focus

We invest in any industry with a particular interest in manufacturing, agriculture, consumer goods, healthcare, and service businesses

Geographic focus

We invest in companies based in Spain

Asset types

Indes Capital is expert at understanding complex situations. We have a proven capability in investing in complex, large and medium-sized distressed, restructuring and recovery situations.

Deal Size

Our typical investment size is up to €15 millions in debt and equity instruments of companies 

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