Invested: 2023

Campoagricola is the leading company in the manufacture and distribution of agricultural spare parts, being a benchmark in the national market in the niche of soil wear elements. With sustained growth, in just a few years the company has become a benchmark in the Spanish market for supplying manufacturers of agricultural equipment with its own and third-party components and spare parts.

Indes Capital acquired Campoagrícola with the aim of supporting the company and its team in a national and international growth project, organically and inorganically. Campoagrícola joins the Hemisferio Verde Group, together with Vila Grancha and VG Agro, thus consolidating itself in one of the largest and most diversified groups in the Agro & Gardening sector in Spain.

Invested: 2023

INESE is the leading provider of information, training and events services for the insurance sector in Spain. Inese, with more than 100 years of history, is the leader provider of information for the insurance sector with flagship publications such as Actualidad Seguradora or BDS, as well as the most recognized annual event in the sector, La Semana del Seguro. The company also offers training courses and seminars focused on the insurance sector.

Indes Capital acquired INESE with the aim of promoting the growth of the company and position it as a reference in international markets.

Invested: 2019

VILA GRANCHA, with more than 30 years of experience, is the leading company in the production and distribution of agricultural and gardening machinery. The company is the exclusive partner for brands such as Yamaha, Maruyama, Nouki, Masport, etc. In addition, Vila Grancha manufactures annually more than 5.000 equipment, including sprayers, suspended equipment, mistblowers, etc.

Indes Capital acquired Vila Grancha in 2019 with the aim of continuing to boost the growth that the company has been experiencing and position itself as a leader in southern Europe.

Invested: 2021

VG Agro, is the result of the union of Mosh Iberica and the agricultural division of Vila Grancha. The acquisition of Mosh Iberica led to the creation of a new Agro division in the Hemisphere Verde Group. VG Agro is focused on the manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery with a wide range of products, from spraying, fertilizer, grinding and all kinds of soil work.

Indes Capital acquired Mosh Iberica with the aim of continuing to promote the growth of the Hemisphere Verde Group and position itself as a leader in southern Europe in the Agro & Garden machinery and spare parts sector.


Invested: 2015

TEYME Tecnología Agrícola was established in 1970.It specializes in development and manufacturing of crop protection equipment. Teyme is in a strategic position to offer the latest technology to the agricultural market for traditional, integral and ecological applications, thanks to the experience gained over the past 40 years in addition to the ongoing research of its R+D department. Teyme introduce to the market the widest range of mistblowers and several ranges of pneumatic sprayers, dusting machines, field sprayers, humidifying systems and ventilation devices.

Indes Capital acquired Teyme in August 2015 with the objective of consolidating its leadership and unlocking its untapped potential.

Since Indes Capital came on board, it has provided considerable support to Teyme by assisting with strategy and optimizing the capital structure.

Invested: 2015

SOLTEKA, with over 25 years of experience, is the reference partner for the manufacturers of agricultural machinery for the protection of crops. Solteka is specialized on manufacturing air units and complements for agricultural and industry. The company has manufactured over 10.000 axial and centrifugal air units, supplying to the main manufacturers of agricultural and industrial machinery. The company is present on more than 20 countries of the 5 continents.

Indes Capital acquired Solteka in August 2015 with the objective to boost the company’s growth and position it as a reference in the manufacture of high-tech air equipment.

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